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WI Christmas Tree at the Minster Church Festival


6th December - Christmas Wreaths

We all worked really hard this month making “Rag Wreaths”.  It was much easier than people thought and the end results were beautiful.  All we needed to do was cut strips of material about 8ins long and how ever wide you wanted.  These were knotted around a circular wire ring pushing the knotted material closely together.  We all used the same method but no two wreaths looked the same.  We enjoyed mulled wine and mince pies and it was a great evening for chatting.






Peg Dollies

Each year, the Minster Church asks local organisations to decorate a Tree for their Festival.  Last year, we made decorations in WI Colours (purple and green), this year one of the WI's national resolutions is to combat loneliness.  All the peg dolls we have made will have their hands linked together and will be wrapped in a spiral around the tree, which will be called 'Friendship not Loneliness'.

Here are some of the 50+ dolls we've already made!


1st November - Bell Ringing and Peg Dollies

Tonight's meeting, unusually, was in the Church of St Denys (or the Minster, as it's better known!) where we rang their 8 bells, weighing between 7 cwt and one and a quarter tons.  They are tuned in D Major, and were last tuned in 1960 and will be rehung, and the whole installation updated,  in 2018.  We would like to say a special thank you to Heather McCombie and her team of bell-ringers.

While waiting for our turn to ring the bells, we also dressed Peg Dolls for our Christmas Tree at the Minster.  Although, we were nervous to start with, not knowing what to do, after watching each other we turned out a good number of very differently dressed Peg Dolls.


4th October - Quilling

Tonight's Quilling session with Beryl Rhodes proved to be a great success.  After some instruction, everyone set to work rolling the strips of paper into tight circles.  The loose end was glued and the circle pinched at one end to form petals.   Everyone chose the colours they liked and were free to design their own cards.  Teas and coffees went down very well and everyone had a chance to talk and make new friends.  Four people enjoyed themselves so much they paid their subscriptions for the rest of the year!


6th September - Bobby Van

This month we had a visit from our local "Bobby Van".  We received valuable information about personal and home safety.


2nd August - Summer Party

This month, the “Roaring 20’s” came to our Warminster meeting.   Flapper dresses, fringes, feathers, pearl necklaces and, of course, cocktails.  Everyone made an effort to enter into the 20’s style.  Christine painted a beautiful “Art Nouveau” backdrop for our lovely photos.  A big thank you to Jamie from The Boston Shaker for making wonderful cocktails and for keeping our glasses topped up!




5th July - Bees

Our July meeting was 'buzzing' as we had Claire Barker from Hive Originals come and talk about her bees, and the honey and beauty products she makes from the beeswax. We sat riveted to our seats while she gave us a very interesting presentation and answered our questions before we 'swarmed' around the display of wonderful natural products for us to sample and buy.



7th June - First Aid

Tonight, we had an excellent and very informative talk from Tim, a First Aider.  We learnt about the warning signs of a heart attack, which can be different in men and women.  Most heart attacks in men start with pain in their chest which will not go away even with pain killers.  Women can often have pain in their stomachs or maybe their backs.  If the pain doesn’t go away it is wise to call an ambulance.
Defibrillators are dotted around our towns and villages and Tim showed us how to use them.  They are very clever boxes as once you have opened them they tell you what to do.  Also, it is comforting to know that they will not send out a charge if the person heart doesn’t need it.  Tim went over the early signs of a stroke and how important it is to get the person to hospital quickly.  He told us about FAST – Face dropping, Arm weakness, Speech difficulty and Time to call an ambulance!


3rd May - Hanging Baskets

This month’s meeting was all about finding our inner “green fingers”. Lakeside Garden Centre hosted our evening of hanging baskets, and gave us the run of the garden centre so we were able to choose the plants we wanted. The guys provided all the things we needed and were around with advice should we need it. Free Tea and Coffee was available in the Café along with homemade shortbread biscuits. Everyone enjoyed the evening and went home with an individual handing basket.


5th April - AGM & Decorated Gift Boxes

Tonight we had our AGM. After the President, Secretary and Treasurer gave their reports they were seconded, voted on and approved. The committee were happy to continue and this was agreed by the members. Christine Neilson has taken over the role of presenting the WI’s Resolution after Jules Spille left to go back to Shropshire. We discussed both resolutions (Alleviating loneliness and Plastic Soup: keep microplasticx fibres out of our ocean) and voted unanimously in favour. We finished the business part of the meeting and got on with Verity showing us how to make small boxes. By just folding square pieces of paper, in a very particular way we ended up with lovely boxes which we decorated.


1st March - Cherry Barlow's Owls


1st February - Games Night

Eyes down, look in!! It's Games Night!


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