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14th December - Goodbye Jules!


Afternoon tea and Pottery session with Whelpton Ceramics at the Ginger Piggery to say goodbye to Jules who is returning to Shropshire.  Shropshire's gain is our loss, we'll all miss you!






7th December - Party Time


It's Party Time!!! We were all in touch with our inner teenager (60’s, 70’s & 80’s) for our Christmas party. Wendy was our DJ for the evening and she did a fantastic job playing our requests and choosing music to suit us all. We all danced and sang the evening away. As well as dressing up in our era, we also made a dish from the same time. Trifles, Black Forest Gateau, cheese and pineapple on sticks, corned beef rolls and pineapple upside-down cake, all washed down with mulled wine and Babycham. Such a spread!






2nd November - Cheddar Cheese Company


For this month’s meeting, we welcomed John Spencer from the Cheddar Cheese Company in Cheddar, Somerset.  He owns and runs the company making the only Cheese that can truly be called Cheddar Cheese. The cheese is made in the traditional way which dates back centuries and is left to mature in the caves of the Cheddar Gorge.  All the milk comes from a local farm.  It is important that the cows all have the same conditions as their milk defines the flavour of the cheese.  During the 8 years he has owned the company, he has trained up 6 new cheese makers, hopefully ensuring that Cheddar Cheese is made in Cheddar for many years to come.






5th October - Making our own bath bombs


A big thank you has to go to Kathryn Palmer for stepping in at short notice to show us how to make Bath Bombs etc. Using various ingredients and essential oils, we made Facial Scrubs, Clay Face Masks and Bath Bombs. Afterwards we all enjoyed a cup of tea and some lovely home made biscuits, thanks to Chris.







7th September -Poppies for Warminster Yarn Bombing


Our September meeting was dedicated to knitting and crotcheting Poppies.  Two weeks before Remembrance Sunday, Warminster will be “yarn bombed” with over 10,000 poppies.  These Poppies have come from all over the UK with a huge number coming from the Warminster area.  The Poppies will cascade from the tower of the Chapel of St Lawrence in town.  Some of the remaining Poppies will have the names of local soldiers who lost their lives sewn onto them and will decorate the town’s memorial bench, while otherswill be used to “bomb” Warminster town centre.






3rd August -Strawberry Bake-Off and Summer Party







6th July -Tai Chi


Our local WI representative gave us feedback from the Annual General Meeting, which was held in Brighton this year. The two resolutions for 2016 were: “Transforming care for people with dementia while in hospital” and “Time to tackle food waste”. The majority voted for the extra hospital care although a few members felt that it was up to the NHS to provide the care. Although the food waste proposal was well supported, it was felt that this was a more difficult problem to solve.

Then, Andy Wright showed us a short film of his struggles to overcome his childhood physical difficulties and become a world class, highly qualified teacher in Karate and Tai Chi. We were told of the healing qualities of Tai Chi and the feeling of wellbeing that a lot of people experience. It was then our time to have a go! Luckily it wasn’t as difficult as we thought, as we gently moved from one movement to another.






1st June - Making a decorative bracelet with Verity Scott from Lace is More




4th May - AGM and Foot Care with Alice Gifford








6th April - Soft Pots


Who would have thought that making a “flower pot” could be so much fun? Gill Breeze from Softpots in Bradford on Avon showed us how to make the most beautiful flower pots. Starting with the leg of a pair of black tights, she filled the first 6inches with soil and gravel. She made a space for the plant in the top and tied the plant in firmly, then the magic began. Wrapping various colours of organza sisal around the ball and adding sequins, the soft pot began to look like as if it was made from stained glass and jewels.







We also voted for two Resolutions to go forward to WI National Federation Anual Meeting. They were calling on supermarkets to "Avoid food waste, address food poverty" and on the Government and NHS to provide "Appropriate care in hospitals for people with dementia".


2nd March - Introducing wildlife to your garden


A very big thank you to Lynn Blood for coping so well with such a large group. Tonight we were making various things to attract wildlife into our gardens.  Lynn of Copse and Loppers Forest School, usually works with children but I don’t think she found us to be very different.
We had a great time squidging lard through our fingers and mixing all sorts of nuts and seeds into it.  We pressed it into yogurt pots, pushed a stick through for the birds to perch on and attached some string to hang it up.  Bug Hotels were made with bunches of twigs tied tightly and then pushed into old tin cans with a string handle.







3rd February - Wine Tasting with Waitrose

With “Dry January” over, we made up for it on Wednesday with “Wine tasting February”.  Waitrose provided us with a great range of wines – three sparkling white and three Sauvignon Blanc.  We all had blind tastings of the sparkling wines and the results were mixed; the same happened with the white wines.  Just proving we all have differing tastes and that it is not always the most expensive that comes out top.  Terry from Waitrose was extremely knowledgeable and as well as providing the wines, he also provided a selection of cheeses which were very welcome.
We would like to say a big thankyou to Waitrose for another great wine tasting evening.


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