Warminster & Wylye Valley WI Lite – Annual General Meeting 1 April 2015


Present: Caroline Packer, Mel Lee,  Dympna Bell, Kathryn Palma, Christine Baker,  Tessa Crofts, Sandy Daly, Julie Hill, Jill Taylor, Michelle Cresden, Maggie Miles, Daphne Perkins, Joan Jones, Jules Spille, Della Davies, Margaret Donald, Gaynor Cromwell, Clare Hancock

Visitors: Pam Perry, Sally Hartley, Tammy Chadwick, Sue Clements, Molly Johnston, Lisa Crow

Apols: Maureen Adderley, Nikki Foote


1.                  Chairman’s Report


Mel read an account of the year’s activities taken from the Secretary’s Annual Report:


2014 has been a really good year for our WI Lite.  Our membership has increased from 12 in 2012/13 to current membership levels in April 2015 of 26.  The move of our meeting location from Sutton Veny into Warminster has definitely given access to a new population of potential members and guests while we have managed to keep a lot of the previous members from the villages.  We usually manage to attract to our meetings a number of guests as well as members and we generally have between 20 and 30 people attending meetings.  



The objectives set by the previous committee remain true :



So what have our members and visitors achieved over the past year?


Owing to a healthy balance in our account we have been able to provide a very interesting programme during 2014  We aim to provide members and visitors with many hands-on activities where they learn new skills and although this is sometimes more expensive than the traditional speaker approach we feel it is something that our members want.  One of the nice things about our meetings in 2014 was that we managed to make use of local people (sometimes our own members) to lead our hands-on meetings.  Its great to be able to make use of local people or local organisations (eg. Waitrose, Lakeside Garden Centre, Scottish Dancing club) and we shall try to carry on with this in 2015.  2014 saw us doing the following:


Bread making with Richard Bertinet

Making Wire Jewellery

Making paper gift boxes

Edible hanging baskets

First Aid


Ladies night with a Bake Off

Wine Tasting

Making felt brooches

Scottish Dancing and Xmas Party


Also in March 2014 we organised a coach trip to a Taste of Denman Day along with neighbouring WI’s which was very successful.


Other activities in 2014


A monthly walking group started up in 2014 which is continuing into 2015.  About half a dozen usually turn up and we walk for between one and two hours.  The dogs enjoy it too.


We joined the Wiltshire Federation Skittles League using The Organ Inn in Warminster for our local alley.  It took us a while to get used to the rules and we won only 2 matches in the season however we enjoyed it and are intending to field a team for next season.


We now ask for volunteers at our meetings to do the teas and coffees as before the committee members were doing it all and this seems to be working well.   We also keep a birthday diary and celebrate member birthdays with a small box of chocolates.


Although the Lets Cook Local project has now come to an end we are still looking for any opportunities to offer basic cooking tuition to young mums and are in discussion in 2015 with the Trussell Trust.




The local running group which invites our WI to provide catering at their events didn’t have any fixtures during 2014 so our fundraising has been limited to  raffles and money we make on teas/coffees.  We are hoping that the runners will be holding another event in 2015 which we can do refreshments for since it is very profitable. There is also a possibility of providing a cake stall at a local dog show in 2015.




Our website www.warminsterandwylyevalleywilite.org.uk is regularly updated with news and photographs.  We also have created a facebook link which seems to be popular.


The Committee managed to produce a programme of events for 2015 in the autumn of 2014 and a paper handout of our programme was available at our December meeting.


We have also got better at collecting members and visitors email addresses so we can email round reminders of meetings – it all helps.





To sum up its been a busy and enjoyable year –again!  Our numbers have increased and we seem to be getting a good number of people through the doors to our meetings. 


2.                  Treasurer’s Report


Caroline presented the financial report which had been audited.  We had spent less overall on speakers fees during 2014 than the previous year.  Fundraising was down from previous year.  She explained that we had nearly a £2,000 balance in our account which was very healthy.  Della approved the accounts and Claire seconded.


3.                  Committee Membership



There are currently 7 committee members:

Mel Lee (Chair)

Caroline Packer (Treasurer)

Dympna Bell (Secretary)

Maureen Adderley (Website)

Kathryn Palma (Artistic Inspiration)

Nikki Foote (Social Media)

Sandy Daly (Refreshments and Skittles)


New members are always welcome to join/replace current committee members however as no new volunteers had come forward the meeting voted for current committee members to remain in post for 2015.  Julie Hill approved this resolution and Christine Baker seconded it.


4.                  Resolution Voting

Dympna stated the resolution that was to be discussed at the WI AGM 2015 “Failing to Care – Assessment of need in Long Term Care”.  The meeting discussed the resolution and felt that more information needed to be provided before a vote could take place.  Dympna agreed to email round supplementary information so that a vote could be taken at the May meeting.  Members were also advised to read the article in the latest copy of WI Life for further info about this resolution.



5.                  Planning Future Events


An evening boat trip had been planned through the Theatre Royal but unfortunately there was no availability of tickets.  Julie suggested looking at the Chandlers website as they offer a number of boat trips. 


A trip to see Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night was planned for October.  Dympna to email requesting names so that tickets could be booked.


A later visit from Waitrose Wines Department was requested as the previous session was very popular and some members had missed it.


Members were asked to email any suggestions for future meetings to Dympna.


6.                  Any Other Business


Christine Baker told the meeting that her photograph of a rabbit is featured on the Wilts WI Fed calendar for April 2015.


Kathryn invited people to join a regular table tennis group alternate Wednesdays at 10am at Bishopstrow Village Hall.


Kathryn will be representing the WI Lite and Sutton Veny WI at the WI AGM in London on 4 June 2015.


Rachel Jones will be attending the Centenary Garden Party at Buckingham Palace on 2 June.


Skittles practice at The Organ will take place monthly over the summer, on third Wed of the month, starting 15 April.